seen by Klaus Lorke
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    and camera to realize pictures in the mood I did feel. In 1995 my wife and me, she's a graduated photodesigner, we started running our own business.

    Always looking for a new challenge I mentioned that the range of hotelphotography is a very different one. Reflecting the spirit of each unique location, catching the individual atmosphere, showing the warmth and hospitality needs a lot of experiences and has become today focus in my work. I enjoy crafting professional photographs, from lighting a food still life shot, arranging an interiour mood or searching the perfect viewpoint for a landscape.

    My clients includes restaurants, hotel companies, advertising and design agencies, publishing companies, books and magazines. Today I shoot with digital highend equipment almost for best quality in images."

    German photographer Klaus Lorke is a professionally trained photographer who shoots a range of commercial and editorial photography, specialized in luxury hotels and resorts for many years. Born in 1964 he is based in Buende, NRW, in the northern part of germany and offers international service in photography.

    "I always remember from a very young age being a very visual person. Fascinated by the chance to capture the feeling of a moment on film I started to learn photography soon after finishing school. The deeper I explored photography the more I was interested to learn about it. After several years of working in commercial photography I decided to study a very special line called photoengineering. Finishing that study gave me all the technical freedom to start playing more and more with light